Why SO members act the way they do

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Why SO members act the way they do

This article in Scientific American may interest some of you who have wondered at the actions of people in the Sea Org (sometimes including ourselves). It's a brief outline rather than an in-depth study but can point you to more info. Hope it answers someone's questions.

http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=bad ... ad-barrels
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Thanks for the link, doubleVee. I didn't think we'd hear from you in months, but if you can squeeze in a post or two once in a while, then great. I have no doubt that most new recruits to the SO are "good apples" with the best of intentions. But a life with little sleep, inadequate food, constant pressure and stat watching, lousy pay and accomodations, almost no medical or dental care, fear of lower conditions or the RPF, restricted communications, sec checks and O/W writeups, etc., has to take its toll on the quality of the "apples in the barrel."
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That study sheds so much light on our sea org experience. I had asked myself why we behaved the way we did, and that article explains it. Kind of scary, but good to know.



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an other thing is we drill and practice everything - how to talk to non-SO people, how to greet them, what to say, etc on a weekly basis. We were well-programmed robots when we were talking to public. What to say when you to to a shop in SO uniform, how to cross the street, where to put your eyes, how to walk... No indiviuality, but uniformity. Being scarred 99% of the time from condition assignment, KR, RPF, Comm Ev, Courts of Ethics - to be happy and worry free? not there

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