How do I find out if my child is in the Sea Org?

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I was declared for speaking to my dad 2 years ago and my brother has not spoken to me since. My brother routed off staff 1 and half years ago and I still have no word from him, but how I found all this out is I called Flag and pretended I was a relative looking for him, they said he no longer worked here and than I found him on myspace and keep tabs on him that way.

I suggest you find all the local Scientology churches in California by doing Google search or something and call around under an alias, create an accent if you wish, that confuses them even more. The reception should know if she is on staff or not. Also ask for th EPF Rep in that org, they can tell you if she has joined or not, that's probably the easiest way to find out if she's on staff or not.



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Good news. I haven't yet located her, but I have it on authority from someone who sees her every day that she isn't SO, that she is not an active scio, and that she is doing this as I thought, to appease her mother.

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