I am also an ex-Scientology Kid

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I am also an ex-Scientology Kid

I posted this on OCMB the other day and felt that I should probably post this here as well. I attended pretty much every Scientology school in the LA area, Apple School Los Feliz, West Side Apple School, Delphi LA, Delphi Oregon, The Learning Connection, Mace/Kingsley and Larry Dennison's - whew! That's a lot of Scientology indoctrination for one kid!

Many people get into Scientology for various reasons. Although these days I'm pretty sure that Scientology is not recruiting much "raw meat" but that was not always the case.

My mom got into Scientology in 1977 and as a young boy at age 6 then, I really didn't have much of a choice but to follow her lead. I was put right onto the Children's Communication Course at the Celebrity Center before it was even located at the current Manor Hotel. The Children's Comm Course had a stated "product" of bettering your communication skills as a child but its real purpose was to indoctrinate the Scientology kids into the cult and get them prepared for wanting more Scientology. To me it seemed like a fun thing to do, especially the TR0 Bullbaiting drills because we could crack jokes at eachother and try to make the other laugh or vice versa. Yet now that I look back at this experience, the other TR drills were there to put me into a trancelike, robotic state of mind where I would be more accepting of commands from more senior Scientologists, especially LRH. On the OT TR 0 drill you are supposed to sit there in front of another person with your eyes closed until you were just "being there comfortably." I had the hardest time getting through this one. Hours and hours of sitting there, forcing myself to stop falling asleep and getting flunked for it. I finally got a "pass" from the Supervisor. Then there was the TR 0 Eyes Open drill, where you face the other person with your eyes open until you can just be there comfortably again, with no moving, blinking, coughing, twitching, anything other than you just being a frozen staring individual is flunked. Believe me, over the course of my Scientology experience I did HUNDREDS of hours of this drill. There were many times where I'd feel like I was floating or hallucinating from staring so long. People would turn into monsters or werewolves right before my eyes. It was a TRIP. Anyway as a child, this took me DAYS to get through. The TRs in my opinion and experience are HYPNOTIC routines to make you more suggestible for programming by LRH and his followers. People who are in Scientology don't realize that they are constantly being hypnotized and being hammered with commands, but they are incessantly.

My earliest training in Scientology, as well as the Scientology schooling I had, fully indocrinated me into a state of mind where I would eventually sign my entire life away to LRH and the Sea Org for a billion years.

By the time I was 14 years old, I had listened to many LRH lectures where he talked about the universe and the various Invader Forces. He talked about the Marcab Confederacy and how he had been the leader of a group of rebels who had fought against the big evil forces of the universe. He talked about a civilization called Arslycus where they assigned you one duty for millions of years and that all you could do and nothing else. If you were a brick layer, you were a brick layer for the next million years, etc... Ton's of crazy Sci Fi stuff, but for a kid (who was a huge Star Wars fan) this was great shit, and to believe it was actually real!! Sign me up!

It wasn't until I joined staff at CC Dallas that I started seeing things "not quite right" but from my understanding, I could report these matters to the Sea Org and eventually the right person would hear about it and get it corrected. I witnessed many things that were considered "off-policy" that nothing was being done about. Later from my own experience I would realize that for the most part, Scientology policy was rarely followed and often ignored by those who felt they had power as executives. In other words, who was going to do something about it? YOU? A lowly junior? Despite my own reports I rarely saw a change at staff level unless of course a Sea Org mission came and "routed out the SPs."

I realized that if I really needed to change things, I had to join the Sea Org and do it myself rather than be in a position where I felt I could do nothing about it. So I did.

Lo and behold, I found that the same crap happened even in the Sea Org and MUCH WORSE. It took me over a decade of moving higher and higher in the Sea Org to realize that the further up you went, the worse things got. The more and more corrupted things were.

The Scientology public have NO IDEA what actually happens within Scientology. They are shielded from seeing what goes on in the Sea Org. While Joe Q. Public is doing his courses at the local org or mission, he has NO CLUE that people are being put into gulag-like slave camps in the Sea Org or being overboarded or ridiculed or being beat up by the head of Scientology. They have absolutely NO IDEA. Possibly they hear tid bits of rumors but they are "trained" and told that this is all just lies and "Black Propaganda" made up by SPs to stop them from moving up the Bridge to OT.

The true Cult of Scientology IS the Sea Org or having to work as a member of any of its organizations. This is where you really learn what LRH, DM and Scientology are all about. This is where you really become a true slave to the cause with absolutely no life of your own whatsoever.

As far as Joe Q. Public goes, these people are definitely hypnotized into ignoring the bad things that they may see around them. Sure, I knew about the RPF before I joined the SO, but I was told that it was a good thing and that the people on it were being helped and enjoyed the program. I had no idea what it REALLY was until I was actually in the Sea Org and found out that it was used as a threat and punishment to get you to produce OR ELSE.

Being at the Int Base for over a decade really opened my eyes to see what was really going on and I realized that there was NOTHING I could do about it. It was corrupt from the top down.

Now maybe that I'm out I can actually DO something about it. That's why I tell you my experiences and why I speak out about it. I always wanted to do something about the bad things I and others went through in Scientology and the Sea Org. I originally thought that this was something that could be done from WITHIN Scientology, but now that I'm fully out, and fully unbrainwashed, I've come to realize that it just can't be done from within. Scientology will NEVER evolve into something good, or something that will be acceptable. And I'm speaking of the CoS. With the little monster at the helm and the paranoid and destructive policies of Hubbard laid in stone, CoS will never change. It's all in KSW - all about good chicken. :P

It is my intent to help remove their power to continue their corrupt activities by telling it like it really is. Hopefully the telling of my experiences as well as all of the others who have been speaking out will enlighten the masses about this rotten spot in our society that is the CoS.

In the last 3 months, more has happened to take down the CoS than has ever happened in the past. Nothing will stop this avalanche. More and more people are and will be speaking out. This is why I'm speaking out, how about you? If you have something to tell about your own experiences, please share it with us. Now is the time to really do somthing about it. The world is listening and wants to know.

Hammering out incorrect technology would include Scientology itself!



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Hey John!!!

You among others on here, and of course getting really pissed off which you can read about on my posting under "Your Story" section, has inspired me to come out as well and no longer sit quietly and ignore the things I have observed and been victim to in the Sea Org.

Thanks for sharing your story here and I couldn't agree with your viewpoint more!

- Amy



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Wow, powerful story, John. So glad you are out. I admire your courage and strength. It is a crying shame what $cientology does to children at their so-called 'schools', which are nothing more than indoctrination stations.

A couple questions: what did your KSW/chicken reference mean?

Is your mom still in? Did you have to disconnect from her?
Scientology, how about that? You hold on the the tin cans and then this guy asks you a bunch of questions, and if you pay enough money, you get to join the master race. How's that for a 'religion'? - Frank Zappa


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Hello John

Hello John,
Thank you for speaking the truth. Thank you for standing up for what is right! We have been silenced for to long!
Thank you for sharing your story,



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Thanks for putting it down, I'm doing the same thing and trying to reach out to others and help myself at the same time. I felt terrible when I got out and had confusions and issues for some time after I left. Thanks for sharing your story, truth prevails.



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Hi John ,
I was in L A in 1977 at the old ASHO ,
is your mom out of the cult yet .

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