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#1&2 APRIL 19TH Tommy Gorman &Anonymous San Francisc

#1 and 2 APRIL 19TH Tommy Gorman & Anonymous at San Francisco Protest scientology at 4th and Market stree and at the Powell station. we had over 25 people some of the Anonymous saw the scientology guy so they called out to him and once he saw them he ran off but he was not passing anything out and there was not even one table with emeters at all because scientologist are a bunch of Cowards that can't confront me and Anonymous. I got 2 PI'S on camera. One of them i have seen 3 times before today and he kept coming back over and over today taking pics. here is part one and part two.

Part 1

Part 2
Tommy Gorman
This is my own opinion. I'd rather die speaking the truth about the harms of the cult of scientology than hide and be afraid.