Courage to Stand Up

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Courage to Stand Up

It seems odd to think that I started being a "Scientology kid" in 1965, went to DC with my family in '66 looking for LRH, took the "Flight to Freedom" with my family in 1968 (just after Parliament outlawed SCN) and was returned on a charter flight the next day, moved everything lock-stock-and-barrel from NY to CA in '68, then back to NY in '69, then back to CA in '73. Lived at the Manor, long before it was Celeb Center. They wanted some "nice, normal, middle-class, American families" so mine and two others were recruited. We all moved out from NY. I hated school - used to walk there, walk back hide in our room all day, then hide in the hallway when my siblings came home. Mom was on course, Dad was at work. No one had any idea what was going on. I finally begged to join the Sea Org. Jenna's Mom was my CO on the EPF - from her accounts in the book - Bitty would have had to have had her sons at 16? That's how old she was in '73 when she was my CO. I passed everybody else on the EPF and headed to Flag CMO. I was there with Shelly and Clarice, the Gilliams, Annie, and others. Never made it to watch or even CMO IT on watch. I guess I was too good of a slave or at least too much of a think-for-yourself-kind of gal. David Mayo used to make stupid comments - he used to call me "Petunia Pig" said he'd call me "Slenderella" when I lost weight - that was a boost for a 13-year old girl with no family living halfway around the world on a smelly ship. David was a little shrimp - I was 5'7" and 115 lbs (petunia pig?). I guess he was used to the short, pre-pubescent messengers that roamed the place. Shelly was a hoot - with her one split earlobe. She said she'd gotten her hair stuck in an earring on the playground once and it just ripped right out. She had a goofy grin that could just make me laugh and she barely came up to my shoulder.
After a rape, a trial (accusing me of seduction), incarceration in the chain locker and a non-communications order (are you kidding me?) I finally started working my way up the conditions... again. Somewhere in all that, they decided to offload me. I was glad, but had heard horror stories of other kids who'd been offloaded and wasn't going to risk being separated or disconnected from the family I should have never left in the first place. So I did my conditions and had a "cognition" - I was in the wrong 3rd Dynamic. I belonged in the group of "Scientology Kids" not "Sea Org Kids" and so I was offloaded - allowed to communicate with Scientologists, not declared, and in a condition of Non-Existence. Not bad. A dumb 13-year-old girl took 9 months to figure out the trap and used their own nonesense to get myself home.

After the messengers tore through all my belongings, claiming that I stole this from that one and that from the other (whatever... you needed that old gray underwear more than I did, Marcy) - they put me on a plane from South America. I had $8.00 of money that I'd earned and that's it. They took my passport at the gate in Curacao (that was a fun one to explain to the State Department when I had to apply for a new passport a few years ago). I got to LAX with no one there to greet me, bluffed my way back to the Hollywood Inn (the last place I'd lived before I left) and managed to fight off the advances of a disgusting cab driver. When I got to the comm department and talked to the telex guys they'd never even received a communication from Flag - they didn't even know who I was. I went to the lobby and at midnight looked up my parent's phone number in the phone book. My Dad hung up right after I told him where I was - he said "don't move, I'll be right there." He showed up about 20 minutes later from Van Nuys. I think he broke the land speed record. No one from Flag had even bothered to contact my parents (they did ask them about a month earlier if they'd lie and allow Kima Dunleavy to use their address - some IRS issue apparently. They graciously declined. My Mom was an old Ethics Officer from way back - with a Catholic upbringing... she didn't lie.)

When I've shared some of my story (and this is really only a piece of it) I've been called a nutjob. When I read "A Piece of Blue Sky" I relived the attack in Portugal - I was there. When I read Mr. Wright's book, I poured through it and couldn't put it down. Jenna, you are a courageous young woman. You've given me the courage to share my story. Thank-you. I liked your Mom, she was never anything but kind and fair to me - but then, she was a kid just like me.

It's truly ironic - that the "cognition" that got me off Flag, now finds me here. It's time to redefine that dynamic... even though I give no significance to Scientology "tech" it's all complete nonesense... I'm now part of the group of Ex-Scientology Kids. I'm a praying person now. Therein lies the true power. I've been praying for years for Scientology to come tumbling down... so nice to see prayers answered.


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Re: Courage to Stand Up

Thanks for sharing your story. *thumbs up*
Somebody has to speak for these people.... no more running. I aim to misbehave.... If you can't do something smart, do something right. (Serenity)

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