is it me?

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is it me?

Hey folks - It's sad to see how little use this site gets these days. Admittedly, I haven't logged on in a number of years either. I am the daughter of a high-profile ex-scno (60s-80s) and even after years of therapy and a great deal of skill and navigating the real world, find myself feeling as much an alien in that world than I did when I left decades ago. I often dream of a support group of others who were "born and raised" who struggle to fit in like I do. Of course, no one would know from the outside looking in...but I just feel confused and puzzled about the rules of the world and have a lot of trouble letting people in.

It would be so nice to hear that others experience the same thing. Well, not NICE...I'm sorry if you do...but it would be comforting to know I'm not alone. How have you all learned to feel less alien? What strategies do you employ?


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Re: is it me?

Hi Kestrel,

I'm still around, just not on very often. (Not for a bad reason, I just have 3 kids and am busy with "normal" life.)

I know just what you mean about no one knowing, from the outside, how alien we feel. I still feel like an outsider quite often. I have some groups I enjoy being part of, but it never quite goes away -- and it sometimes sneaks up on me rather hard. I don't know how to tell you how to feel ok with it, I just somehow am. Most of the time LOL sometimes not so much. I suppose partly it's because my husband and I are very close and he makes me feel "normal" and "okay" and not so alien. I've had a lot of therapy too -- therapy and meds. They helped a lot with flashbacks and such.

Wish I had more advice for you.
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