Did you "choose" a Scientology family?

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Were you ever told, or more or less overtly led to believe that you somehow had "chosen" to come to a Scientology family?

Yes, overtly
Yes, implicitly
Not that I remember
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Yes growing up as a scientologist I was told that I am "above and beyond" the average person because I chose my parents. I chose to be born into a scientologist family etc.


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I chose it! So they said.

I was told that I chose my parents. I was told that I chose pretty much everything that happened in my life, from before conception, through childhood, etc.
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I find it weird when people say that they were told that they were past life clears. I thought that people were supposed to have their own recall of this last life and remember being or attesting to clear in the last one. Not that somebody would end up telling you that you were one. So I don't get it. I hope there is somebody who knows. I do recall two people in the Sea Org telling me that they remember their past lives. One of them had attested to Clear, so I asked her if she was this life or past life Clear and what gender she was. She told me that she was a past life Clear and was female in her last life too.



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reincarnation/choosing a Scin family

HillFlag wrote:I think that congratualting you/us on choosing a Scio family is just another way of having kids be fully responsible for thier own actions....sort of "well you chose this so it can only be your fault" typical type of screwy scio logic.

Oshana: "....I was absolutely told this. On quite a few occasions... I was told "well, you chose us to be your parents", pretty much saying it was my own responsibility for choosing them so I shouldn't complain about anything they do. ... "

That is Exactly what my parents did to me so many times!!
I was told I had chosen a Scientology family. I was also congratulated on my good choice. Growing up I felt special about “my decision” to be born to Scientologist parents.

My Mom also told me she had sensed my presence as a spiritual being before I was born, and that we communicated, and that I had sent her telepathic visions of the Apollo and LRon.

Later when I began to question scientology in my very early twenties, my Mom would say something about how I chose my family and therefore I must have wanted all the things that happened in my current life up to that point in time.

When I was questioning the authority figures who "ran" the church structure I was confused and terrified of leaving. Especially because I believed strongly that I had a recent pastlife “memory/knowingness” of choosing to be in Scilnt. My past life memory was in my gut, (something I felt I knew, but could not prove) involving memories of being on the Apollo.

All of this was very unnerving and created a lot of anxiety for me especially because the scientology I thought I had signed up for, and was promised, did NOT exist. Would never exist!! The wonderful utopian planet community able to free ourselves from the trap, was a lie and I felt so hurt and betrayed by L R H himself as well as many other scions.

Today I do believe in a form of reincarnation, but I cannot easily define it.

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My mom believes I was the reason she became a Scientologist. At 1 years old. :?
Sorry mom! :lol:
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my mother (i don't like to call her mother really but whatever...) said i was the one that pushed her into joining the sea org.. and yeah, she told me the story of "u chose me" too... sorry but i would've never chosen her ^^ to me.. that thing is a lie.. but i respect everyones beliefs.



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Did you "choose" a Scientology family


You are so right. It is not fair for the kids who are forced into Scientology. Children look to their parents to set an example so they can go forward in life and do well scientology works against the family and works against relationships. Im sorry you had to go through this.

Welcome to this mb.

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Re: Did you "choose" a Scientology family?

For sure. My mother, in particular, was fond of deflecting any accountability for her abusive behavior if any of her kids dared protest. Her stock response was something in the realm of "stop being a victim. you are responsible for choosing this family." I don't remember a specific conversation that explained how we chose our parents/family, but I am aware of always having known it, at least as far back as my memory goes (5 or 6 years old). I started courses as soon as I could read, so no doubt, I learned it somewhere in there.

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