Post Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:44 am

Such a strange chapter in my life.

It was nearly 6 years ago I found myself aboard the Freewinds preparing for a course when I realized I was on the path to madness. I was just standing at attention waiting to be let into the room I would be staying in. There was a small nearly midget sized man named Hank that was standing in front of the door glaring at me like I was chocolate cake. I begun to think it was a test of my nerves I had no idea what to expect, it was my first time aboard not only the Freewinds but any sizable boat for that matter.

A C/S came to greet me and start my orientation, but as he spoke to me I was distracted by a group of islanders fishing in small boats off in the distance. The officer made a fist and smashed me in the face. I’m not very strong so I dropped to the ground and before I knew what happened I was sitting in a closet sized room getting lectured on ethics.
The crime didn’t fit the punishment and thought it was subtle compared to what I have endured as a whole it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I stood up to the person yelling at me (not the original C/S) and held out my hand to their face.
Of course this made them furious, but with some luck I moved out of the way before they could hit me.
I bolted out the door and just started running.
I had no idea where I was or how I was going to get off the ship, but it’s like reality washed over my mind in the flash of second.
I ran down the corridors taking turns and just trying to follow a breeze to find the upper decks. Just as I thought I lost the C/S I ran into a dead end. It was quiet and I was safe, until I saw Hank open a hatch and stand there grinning at me. There’s no way he could have know what had happened,. It was only moments ago. But then I noticed he had a small walky-talky on his belt.

He motioned for me to come to him, without saying a word. I could feel the hold of the org slipping around my mind again. I started to walk towards him as he took my hand and lead me outside.
I was certain they were going to discipline me brutally for my erratic actions. Hank started unlatching one of the lifeboats and told me to get in. I looked at him with a blank expression,.. was he going to punish me or what? I had no idea. Once I was in the lifeboat he told me to find the fishing islanders and tell them Hank sent me.

I finally understood, he was helping me escape my punishment and maybe worse had I stayed aboard. With a sudden jolt I dropped to the water in the little boat and started to paddle like mad.
As I was trying to paddle away some people on deck were throwing ropes at me, hoping to snag parts of the boat and prevent me from escaping. One psycho even went so far as to try and cannonball my boat.
He missed and ended up swimming after me, but he was no match for my rowing skills.

I reached the island and notice the Freewinds cast anchor and it was only a matter of hours before they had a group of people after me.
I met the villagers and told them Hank sent me. They took me to their patch of houses just off the beach and started to unload crude spears. They intended to battle my pursuers. We ran back down to the beach about 20 of us or so and then some of them begun to cover themselves in sand.
2 life boats from the Freewinds pulled up to shore as the sun was setting over the ocean. The two C/S I had met were present ready to pass judgment and take me captive once again.
As their boats pulled up they cursed at me and the villagers making all kinds of accusations about what I was trying to do to the church. As they stepped towards me, the villagers buried in the sand jumped up with their spears and stabbed at my enemies. One of the people on the lifeboat that hadn’t yet beached pulled out a firearm and yelled for us to stop but his boat was surrounded by villagers in snorkels and fins armed with spears.
I told them I was leaving the church and they had better leave me alone,.. and to this day I still fear I’m fair game.

Thank you Hank, if you ever find this. I must have not been the only person you have saved.