Today my life changed

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Today my life changed

My story abbreviated:

12 years ago I escaped from Scientology. I never went to middle or high school. Got my GED. Fast forward 12 years. Today I got my Architect's license! What a difference 12 years makes!


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That's great Astra!!! WTG!!! :D :D :D



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Cheers to you! :thumbsup:
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Cheers to you!

Congratulation to your certificate Astra. I wish you all the best for your future and may all your dreams come true :D

Best wishes
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You're inspiring Astra. Really. :D
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COngratualation :D _ I know what a difference education can make. I supervised SO members at the FLAG, I know how little education the kids got there, I complained a lot about it until I got a huge KR for it :)

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