The Simon Bolivar Policy (Here's lookin at you, James)

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Post Sun Jul 06, 2008 1:13 pm

The Simon Bolivar Policy (Here's lookin at you, James)

James, in another post you wrote: "Miscavige did seem to be paying attention when he read Hubbard's essay on the mistakes of Simon Bolivar and the means to obtain and hold power (personally, I never really agreed with some of the underlying assumptions made by Hubbard in this essay, even when I first read in during my Life Orientation Course)."

Can you elaborate? I did LOC when I was quite young, and I remember being fascinated with the Simon Bolivar part (mainly cuz I though miss Manuela was purty). I'm gonna see if I can find it online anywhere...

What didn't you agree with? Has anyone else read this one?
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Post Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:57 am

This came to mind...

I'm not James; but yes, Ive read it all (many X over) done KTL, LOC and much, much more.

What occurred to me, reading this post is that if lrh was anything, he was "inventive in present time"! Consider that most of what he said and wrote was simply that: ...being inventive in present time.

This is the essence of believable bullshit. It is built "out of whole cloth" right on the spot to fit the situation and/or mindset of the audience and/or the speaker/author. One gets caught up in the drama of the moment/narrative and agreement or belief is not in the equation.

Does that sound familiar? "...and/or agreed upon, or not, by the..."

Mull this over this for a while - I do not quite have it formulated properly. It is "fabian" and ephemeral as a concept. Am I on solid ground - or tilting at windmills, grasping for chimera?

Help me out here, you who think clearly and accurately!

Yes, I was totally suckered - by the oldest tricks in the book.

How about you?

(by the way, I have the distinct impression that Ms Manuela was not only 'purty" but a truly "hot number" - the feeling is palpable. Wierd.)
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Post Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:30 am

Does anybody have a link to an online version of the article. I think I may need to re-read it again before launching into a commentary on it.
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