Clay demos - more than a learning tool?

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Clay demos - more than a learning tool?

I noticed something interesting when I watched ‘A Beginner's Guide to LRON’ on utube. It hit me that clay demos are more than an effective and creative learning tool. They seem to be much more powerful than that. In a clay demo you demonstrate your understanding of a concept through modeling it so that it is identifiable to an outside observer. What really seems to be happening is a subtle transference of ownership of an idea where, in the physical universe, and using your own examples, you prove it's validity. If you disagree with or don't understand the concept, you're stopped from further progress until you handle that. You either clear your misunderstood words or deal with the ethics officer. In order to keep learning more tech, you have to continue to prove your agreement by continuing to demonstrating the concepts. So it doesn't really happen that a guy will leave a course room questioning what he read or listened to because he just sat there and demonstrated to himself and others that the ideas were valid. Maybe that's part of why the fallacy of any of the tech becomes so personal. Those who've been on course have proven our agreement and taken ownership of the ideas to a degree. A similar thing happens with success stories. As has been pointed out elsewhere, they are more than lightly encouraged, more like fully expected. Once you've put your own 'success' in writing, it is very difficult to back-track and give the concept serious consideration. You've already publicly stated your agreement. Then the validation of the group upon your completion of a course further cements how right the tech is and how right you are for embracing it. Ordinarily, just studying a subject doesn't necessarily lead to the ideas being held as truth and owned by the student as his own. In Scientology, however, it seems to happen most of the time, and I think clay demos may be as much of a mind control technique as a learning tool. Any thoughts?

I'm not saying the tech is or isn't right, I'm just interested understanding in how so many of us got solidly vested in it.
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Very well stated, NoSOat10. I see clay demos as a key element in a self-reinforcing, self-perpetuating cycle built into Study Tech. Application of Focused Mental Energy - Achievement of Conceptual Understanding - Reinforcement with Demo Kit or Clay Demo - Proof of Understanding by Passing Checkout - Validation and Success Recharging Mental Batteries for Next Step.
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