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Super Scio

After leaving Scientology behind forgood, I began exploring the realm of the Freezone. One of the things I found was "Super Scio: Book of The Pilot".

If you think Xenu is farfetched, well the Xenu story looks normal in comparison.

I was just wondering if there are any other people around here who read for instance the Cosmic history "story" and what they thought about it.
It's strange- it's excites a part of me, but for the main part, I just think it's a story, which blasts The Matrix away, in terms of cosmic stories.


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I've never heard of it, but then again, I've never had much to do with anything like Scientology since I left.

Who wrote it? What's it about? Can you find it on Amazon?
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I read it
I didnt think it was that strange
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The Pilot's Home page

Super Scio is one of the eBooks written by Ken Ogger in 1996. He was someone who was active in Scientology since 1965 and remained anonymous.
He posted on scientology & clearing newsgroups. First mainly about research he did. He has written Super Scio and also a Self-clearing Handbook. All available on the internet, on various Freezone websites.

In november 2000 he posted that OSA found out about his identity and used some heavy techniques (creepy) on him in order to stop him from posting confidential/sensitive materials.

May 2007 he was reported dead, shortly after he began posting his findings/research again on the newsgroups.
His last postings can be found here

In Super Scio he writes about some truths & untruths about Scientology, how he would reform Scientology, his (expanded) verison of the cosmic history and several additions to existing high-level tech.

A short passage from the introduction:
For all this time, I have kept quiet and supported the existing organization because I could offer nothing better. Now, however, its time to blow the lid off and give you everything I've got.

The first document in this series will shoot heavily at the existing organization. This is unfortunately necessary because there is so much wrong and the lies and overts block the road to truth. Certainly the anti-cultists will have a field day. But my goal is to bring about a reform rather than the destruction of the subject.

I am remaining anonymous at this time because I expect a severe knee jerk reaction from the organization. It's bitter medicine for them to swallow and they may lash out. But I expect that time will temper this, so my only purpose in remaining anonymous is to stay out of sight until things cool down a little. This will interfere with people sending me mail on the internet, but I will try to watch for general postings on the net which mention the "Pilot" in their message headers and will try to answer any reasonable questions that are posted. This is not an attempt to duck any responsibility. I will let you know who I am eventually, just give it some time.

I am making these materials freely available on the internet despite the tremendous amount of work that has gone into researching them and writing them up because the existing examples of what can happen to a spiritual subject when it is used to generate income is enough to make my flesh crawl. I ask only that you try to make the entire set of documents available rather than simply copying around document #1 which is a bit of an expose. I think it would be unfair to put out that much criticism without offering the positive materials that are in the remaining documents.

Also, the full set of documents, or at least #2 through #4, are necessary to convince the tech trained loyalists that reform is indeed possible and necessary. The auditors and case supervisors are the high priests of the subject and if they can be turned around, then the rest of the membership will follow. International management will have no choice but to go along.

For those who wish to destroy the subject, I would point out that it never works to persecute a religion. The faith and fanaticism always grow stronger. The only workable course is to change it into something better. In this I ask your help in keeping these materials available and helping to spread them to the loyalists. Let Scientology become what it pretends to be, a learning center for spiritual growth instead of a cult of greed and power.

Super Scio can be found here

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