What "research" did Hubbard actually do?

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:) L RON stole EDGER CAYCE work....this were were he got scientolog...if one any ever read the book COMPANION compiled by Ernest Frejer.........you would understand.. exept ron sifi his work and took god out of the picture and added greed and fair game...some of the work is exact... cell ... B T....whole track...axoims.....the bridge...cayce has the real bridge. he is the real O T ....he pass 1945...charts ect............ cayce proved ever thing he did.....the real bridge is the LAW OF ONE....and if you learn it you go free....no money.. no hate..no OSA...no groups.... no church....ever thing free... he was a poor man...selfless not selfish...love not hate...ron was a good copy cat and lier...but never O T never..


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Though I agree a lot, if not most of hubbards stuff was plagerized or "assembled" from different sources, I must confirm some of Clickman's memories, there are many hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds of horded and protected "research" from Hubbard kept by the COS.

Though I saw some of this stuff, most was in locked filing cabinets, but I believe clickman's analysis is correct that this "research" was auditing on himself, things he rememberd, things he observed or felt or decided must be true, or scifi ideas he thought would make good technology.

It would include a huge amount of things like "I realized" or "I descovered" or "I recall from the whole track" or "I discovered from the whole track" etc.

From my perspective, much of the research was LRH saying that this happened or he had dealt with it on hundreds of occasions and some such ... it is not scientific research generally accepted in the world today.

There was some "research" done, more in the traditional sense in hubbards earlier years where he would train people, they would fall on their face, or mess up PCs and he would revise processes and training to try and improve. He was earlier trying to refine. Later it seems he just invented and decided what the research should say, as has been continued by DM ...
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