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the Ls

Hey all. I'm not sure if this is actually a question about the Ls, or just opening the door to a discussion about them... I haven't done them, but my mother has. (Yes, my mom who beat the sh** out of her kids for years.)

It is my understanding that L10's EP is all overts and withholds cleaned up off the whole track. I seem to recall it is run in sec check form, which would mean that all O/Ws are KRd and sent to the Ethics Officer. I'm not sure, but wouldn't it be run starting with the latest O/W and jumping back earlier/similar thru the track?

Has anyone out there done or delivered the Ls? What kind of results (negative or positive) did you see?

I'm curious about this because of my mom. When she told me she was going to do them, I said "huh, ok" and waited to see what she contacted ME about when in Ethics. Seeing as she had so many this-lifetime overts on her kids that had been unhandled (to my knowledge) I assumed they would be found at Flag. But the next thing I know I'm hearing that she's finished all of the Ls and not a word to me about anything. Maybe they don't run L10 sec-check style? The only other reasons I can think of are A) she didn't get them off because the auditor missed them B) she didn't get them off because she no longer remembers them and lives in her own little world of perfection, or C) the Ls are just plain bull#$%*.

I'm leaning toward a combo of all three. I think Scientology just makes her feel good about her made-up reality.

Or maybe she got all her o/ws off in an earlier session and never felt the need to tell me about it.

I didn't realize that I hadn't let go completely of the idea that Scientology works. I guess after so many years of believing that, it's hard to fully change. I kinda expected more out of Flag, tho.
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The L's...

Hi VV,

If no joy here, go over to to the exscn forum - there are lots of high case level and training folks there, only too willing to share.

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From my understanding, what is considered an overt is not as simple as the Dynamics, what is considered an overt is indeed very personal.

If a person does not see something as an overt, the person does not have any charge on the item and the E-meter will not read on it. Its as simple as that really.
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It isn't run sec check (EARLIER SIMIlar) style.

You get your considerations off until the auditor can ask you for big overts from long ago on different dymamics directly.

So now oyu don't have stuck attention on those long ago big overts and can use that energy for what is going on now.

i got nice changes (much calmness) from the L's ---I did them in the FZ.

I know people who became rich after them adn i know people who went bankrupt.

At least in the FZ they won't bankrupt you and if you have teh money they are worth it in my opinion.

Also, I think auditing works better on some than on others. We are all so different.


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Jason Beghe mentions doing them in his interview with Mark Bunker.

He doesn't get into specifics, expect to state that they completely messed up his whole case.



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True he did say that but I also know people who it helped considerabley.
I in fact really liked them.

It may have been a mess for him becasue they ran it incorrectly on him or over ran them.

I do also know that he has had L's corrections since he has been out and he is doing much better i that regard.

My view point is not everything ir right for everyone.

Scientology is not all good and not all bad but is very expensive and you have to stand your ground or they will use the hell out of you.

It is like climbing deep into a volcano to perhaps find a diamond. On the other hand you may burn to a crisp.

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