When you read OT3...

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When you read OT3...

I'm curious on something. For the ex-members (with the exception of Kendra, since I've already read hers) what was your thoughts when you first read about OT3? Were in you in so deep that you thought "well that makes perfect sense", did you think you misunderstood it, were you like us outsiders when we read it and thought "what the fuck was that?" or something else?

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My response was WTF?!??!?! THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO LEARN?!?!?! I laughed and cried. I felt anxious and nervous. After all - I had just committed a "mortal sin" in the eyes of the "church".

Then I waited to catch pneumonia...
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I wasn't surprised at all. For one, I had listened to several lectures by LRH on the subject, namely RJ67. So I knew in generel what the deal was. Athough I didn't know the details I was familliar with the theory of implats and implant stations and Earth being a prision of sorts for beings that are in one way or another unwanted in the planetary union to which is supposedly belongs.

The Xenu story is just the details are basically any Scientologist who has their ears perked up can come to conlusions through listening to others talk and reading the propaganda magazines.

I also understand that the OTIII material comes with a practical side. So it's not about just paying thousands to read the actualt material, but to self-audit onsself through the process.
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My first reaction to it was that now the dianetics book made a lot more sense, all the talk of valences and such, and that i had a responsibility to the "entities" that I was associated with.

I did come to realize that I did have associations with others and that there were influences exerted on me that were not in my best interest and the material did help me to resolve those associations.

The xenu story .....doesnt matter. To me its the mechanics and associations that are pointed out that are the heart of the matter.

We all seem to be connected by past associations....and what each of us do affects others even without obvious connection.


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My response was also that the Dianetics book made a lot more sense. Also, I suddenly realized why in every church or mission I went to there was some kind of exploding volcanic artwork. It also seems to be an odd coincidence that the 'H-bomb mass-murder' theory reflected a clearly dated idea that the H bomb is the ultimate human destroyer. I mean, had Hubbard known about bio-chem warfare, would the story be different? Also, you'd think that aliens from 75,000,000,000 (too many, too few 0s?) would have had technology that was relative to a starkly different world than what we have on Earth today. I mean, given the theory of evolution, it just seems rather unlikely that mid 20th century technology just happen to be the foundation of the technology used in galactic warfare billions of years ago. What a conundrum. All in all, I found the materials to be very upsetting. Like Kendra once said, I realized that many of the people who buy into the OT materials are victims in a sense. And I know a lot of those people, they're good people. But in many cases, once they've been indoctrinated into the religion that far, it's pointless to try and weigh logic vs. faith with them. I'm just happy there are websites like this one that can stir up curiosity and undoubtedly jolt many people who are currently on lines into reality.
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I almost read about Xenu by mistake on the internet when I was still in Scientology. Growing up, various people had warned me that if I ever came across that stuff, I'd go mad etc. Somehow when I started reading about Xenu, I knew- I just KNEW that, that was exactly what they were talking about and I freaked out a little. After a couple weeks, nothing happened so I figured I hadn't read too much.

After I left Scientology, more than a year passed before I dared to read the rest of OTIII. When I started reading I kept thinking to myself, "What the... what? Really... What???? No, that's going way too far........! No F__ing way!" After I finished reading it, I had no problem being completely withdrawn from Scientology. It's crazy to think that all those people that I used to admire so much, believe all that. Or they will once they read it. I mean really, the spaceships just happened to look like 1950s jets? That's just being lazy... (or something like that.)


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I fell over and died of pneumonia. no joke...

I'd heard some of the story in a taxi while on mission into an org. It didn't bother me much but I didn't get to hear much of the story at the time.
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OT 3

My first reaction was that it was a violation of the auditors code, because it was an evaluation in that it told the auditee what to think about their case.
They also got the location of Mt. Washington wrong, it is on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada.

I was a VI auditor when I did OT3. I thought that it had its roots in some of the 8-8008 theory, but became more specific in that it actually blamed a specific named identity. I was underwhelmed, and almost ended up in Ethics because I was so unimpressed.

But as a good little scientology girl, I sucked it up and got on with it, and had my cognitions as expected, and made my needle float, as I had learned as a small child after being interrogated as to whether or not I had stolen watermelon.

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just want to tell a bit of what i know

when I was in there were many young scio's who of course grew up in scientology and believed in the alien thing... apparently their zealous scio parents had raised them to believe that this is their belief. I do not know if they know the details of OTIII but their belief was very similar.
This is what it is and these are the new children in the S.O. who have dedicated their lives for the cause.
I really do hope and I really do believe actually that soon scientology will cease in their ways of management, but I don't believe that many people's belief in what LRH taught will end. Churches will still be up, people won't pay to go up "the bridge to total freedom", but the whole sea org. idiotcy of management and charging people for spiritual freedom will all come to a complete end.


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Re: When you read OT3...

Tet wrote:I'm curious on something. For the ex-members (with the exception of Kendra, since I've already read hers) what was your thoughts when you first read about OT3? Were in you in so deep that you thought "well that makes perfect sense", did you think you misunderstood it, were you like us outsiders when we read it and thought "what the fuck was that?" or something else?

Now if you'll excuse me, I got to go join the rest at laughing at the restraining order.

this is a great question and I've addressed it before as have others.



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Most of the times we just don't talk about it...

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