GlossLips: XENU EXISTS!!!!!

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Post Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:01 am

GlossLips: XENU EXISTS!!!!!
This Australian news broadcasts proves that the Xenu story DOES circulate within the Scientology faith, despite their spokespersons constant denials as seen below.
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It was almost a year ago that I saw news coverage of the first Anonymous protests. Several of the protesters had big signs with "Xenu" prominently displayed. I had no idea what it was all about, since I had never read anything about Scn on the Internet up to that time. Now it really seems like "old hat." :yawn: But I am still happy to see the message reach others who had yet to hear the story.
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And I think the major point of it is that all the culties deny it, (even those who ARE aware of it)... and now it is going to be undeniable... beautiful.


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Exactly. If they had just left it alone, things would have died out about Xenu, for the most party. But because they deny and deny, they're getting a face full of it.
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