Check out Youtube....OT III for all.... in 3 parts

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Check out Youtube....OT III for all.... in 3 parts

Anonymous have struck again it seems

I'm putting these links up because I am hoping your site attracts more and more people like me who have always felt that there was something about Scientology that made me feel *uncomfortable* but who was unable to learn anything.

All ex Scientologists were, it now becomes clear, too frightened (of disconnection and/or harrassment) to speak out.

It is FASCINATING. It is HEARTBREAKING. You women are showing amazing courage and I have been enthralled for 48 hours learning more and more about Scientology.

Your site stands apart because you are so fair. That anybody could accuse you of anything else is absurd.

I really want to get involved in the UK. The short answer is because I feel compelled to help address the important and shocking human rights abuses purported, by ex members, to be happening within the CoS.

I do not believe Scientolologists are bad people, nor even misguided. Believe what you like! But please treat your sweet cash-cow-staff with some human dignity and give them basic rights. And if you already do, and these articulate, sad women are all nut-jobs, then prove it.

Show me a Sea Org.

Any takers?



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I've uploaded 20 minutes of the Xemu/Xenu section from the longer 90 minute lecture on "Assists." The Xemu/Xenu topic comes up about 44 minutes into the whole lecture. You can skip directly to that section here:

Part 1 - clickable link: – approx. 6 minutes

Part 2 - clickable link: – approx. 6 minutes

Part 3 - clickable link: – approx. 6 minutes
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