Information needed. Please help.

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Information needed. Please help.

I preemptively apologize for the length of this post but I need some advice.

Back on Feb 8th I wrote a song in hopes someone would put it to music. After offering it to several people and failing I pretty much gave up on it. Then I recently re-watched the video of the pre-Feb 10th protests where the band Cadet sung "You're Ok With Me Kid" and decided to e-mail them.

I won't bore you with the chain of e-mails and I'll just show you the last one which has their request of me.

Cadet posted:

I appreciate your words of kindness quite a lot :]

I don't plan on making too much money off of anything

That'd be neat, of course, haha, but i'm really just in this for the love of playing. However, I promise to credit you on that song. I also love that message. I think that also, you should send me a few paragrahps consisting of a direct message in non-lyrical format to the scientologists about why they should get out, and how to do so. Then I'll use those lyrics, and we can attach that document to the video or whatever. I'd find that to be even more affective. oui? :]

Anyways, yes, I'll get started on this probably saturday!

Thanks again


So does anyone have any suggestions on what should be written for the part that I underlined? I don't feel confident in my own knowledge to provide such an advisatory message to the unfortunate persons who are afraid to leave or don't know how to. I also don't feel confident in my ability to make such a message sound compelling and profound. Thank you in advance.


Also, for those who are curious as to the lyrics, here they are:

Hey there,
it must be tough
We can only imagine
But you know what?
You aren't stuck in there,
And it ain't empty out here.

You may feel alone,
chained down and frustrated.
Blindfolded and helpless,
censored and gagged.
But you are not alone,
You just have to break free.

[chorus one]
You have countless hands reaching out to help you.
You have legions of arms waiting to hug you.
Crowds upon crowds; we'll never give up on you.
You can be free.

You see,
it's not about beliefs.
We won't judge you at all.
We only care that you're safe.
We won't pretend,
to know the pain that you've suffered.
But we understand why your scared.

You're not alone.
And while we may without faces,
we are not without hearts.
We are not without ears,
we'd love to listen to you.
You are not alone.
Our voices are real.
Our knowledge is free.
We're all waiting for you.

[chorus one repeat]

[chorus two]
You're not alone.
We are legion for you
We will never give up on you
We're all waiting for you.

When Cadet finishes I'll link you all to wherever they post it. Thanks in advance.


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Good text on that page, you should be able to grab a couple sentences from there. That's my recommendation.
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