Post Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:28 am

Les Grossman (Tom Cruise) and Jennifer Lopez dance MTV Movie

As a result of his Oprah couch jumping antics and Scientology craziness, many of us have forgotten how much fun Hollywood legend Tom Cruise truly is. But tonight, we all had a chance to remember him for the cool guy he is when he broke out his Les Grossman character from the movie Tropic Thunder. Tom Cruise kicked up the energy level of the award show dressed as the Hollywood producer, while dancing to Ludacris' "Get Back" with a group of backup dancers.

The song then transitioned to Jennifer Lopez's "Get Right". To our surprise J.Lo came out on stage in full dance attire. From there, Les Grossman and J.Lo broke out into a choreographed dance to a mix of the two songs. The results? Hilarity! Seriously, this was one of the non-Twilight moments that we'll be hearing most about tomorrow morning. It was a great move on Tom Cruise's part too to help promote his new movie with Cameron Diaz, Day and Knight.

Check out Tom Cruise's Les Grossman dancing with J.Lo below:
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