Post Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:40 pm

If you know Bob Keenan...

Hi folks,

Working on a project at, that's trying to determine whether Bob Keenan served as a Royal Marine.

He's on public record (in the media) claiming that he was, but at least two exes who worked with him have stated that he told them he didn't complete basic training.

Given that he uses the claim to bolster his credentials with the media and the police, it would be good to hear from any exes who've heard (from his mouth) one way or t'other.

Not interested in tittle tattle about the guy, this is a straight question about something he's choosing to put forward as part of his professional credentials.


Have submitted an official request for confirmation of service, but the UK Authorities can be a bit whimsical about stuff like this, so it would be really helpful to hear from you, that way we'll know whether it's a line of enquiry worth pursuing.

Thanks. :D