My Scientology Education Experience

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My Scientology Education Experience

I'm sure that similar experiences have already been posted by others, but I don't see them. I thought I'd post this here since this seemed like the place. I saw that Barbara Walters praising Scientology's educational system. While I was never in any actual Scn school, I would like to share a relevant experience I had concerning Scientology's education since I'd been in Scn since I was 14.

My experiences: From the age of 16, I was actively pursued by recruiters to join the Sea Org (basically a glorified slave labour force that wears navy uniforms). Then, after graduating and turning 18, I was encouraged not to attend any colleges or universities. I was "encouraged" (more like scared sh*tless) to use the all the money that had been saved up for me to attend college for Scientology courses instead because I was told Scientology was "saving the world." And which is more valuable anyway? A useless education in a destroyed world (and off to ethics because I helped destroy it), or a world preserved from complete and utter destruction thanks to my "smaaall" donation? Needless to say, I dutifully handed over my money.

Contrary to Barbara Walters' comments, it doesn't sound like Scientology values education much...



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Re: My Scientology Education Experience

Sorry to reply so late...

Now, instead of denigrating the idea of going to college, Scientology is hawking the "Hubbard 'College' of Administration" to scn school grads. As recently as the last grad class at Delphi Oregon, one of the grads was listed in the magazine as "matriculating" to the HCA.

What a worthless endeavour. But the scn conglomerate gets another $50K out of the kid's parents, and I guess the parents pay and are relieved their kids didn't get sucked into the SO (after spending a quarter-million $ on Delphi Oregon). But the poor kids will be recruited after they finish at the Hubbard "College." Hell, that useless 2-year, $50K "degree" is only interesting to scn businesses anyway.

Could you imagine listing the stupid HCA degree on a resume for a real job at a real company? lol.

Just another scam.

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