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25 odd years on staff; Parent of 2 kids

Here I go: :twisted:
NEW stuff from a lurker.

This will be a 'long and (not so) sad tale'.
I find it comical that Hubbard picked 'Alice in Wonderland' as a TR 1 tool.
A major portion of my journey through 'SCN Staff' was an LSD trip down the 'Rabbit Hole'.

I was born a poor black child...
LMAO. Steve Martin says it best!

All worked out in the end; self and family no longer 'in'.
My two daughters are contributive societal members who are both producing in their fields.
"Normal"...whatever THAT means...

While our involvement in SCN, as staff and SO crew, has had it's crazy, whacked out, WTF times...
There WERE some good times.
At least for me.

Angst? Grief? Close to physical blows with Missionaires/Seniors?
(Yeah, stayed outa jail on that last...)
"Don't get declared, don't get declared, don't get declared..."

Got TONS of those.
Railroad boxcar mental stashes of 'WTF do I do NOW?'
Lower tone scale stuff that just don't seem to go away after 10 years 'out'.

And here I am.

Staff from early 79 till 03.
SNC (msn), 1976; CLO WUS for about 6-8 months, 83/84; LA D, 84ish to ~96; SFO D 97/8 to 2003.

Got no T-shirts from my experiences.
Internal scars; not physical.

Lost 'familial' times cuz I just had to be on post.
Forced divorce; couldn't get loose to see my comatose dad...
Grrrr...yeah, it happened.
Yeah, I survived.
Yeah, I stayed on post.


25 odd years of 'dedication to the cause':
No medical, no retirement funds, NUTTIN'.
Left to my own devices to figure out MY financial future.

I'd finally gotten crispy and overdone; no need to stick a fork in me!
Bailed my butt out.
Ninja style.
No word, no info, planned it out and vanished.
2 weeks extra on my 5 year contract so they couldn't pin days viewed as AWOL on my departure.

Management is PISSED you left when and how you did.
Ya didn't do the routing form to 'leave'.
Yer gettin' comm ev'ed!
Thanks for your 25 years of service; here's a sec check and 250 hours of amends you get for your contribution.

Good times and bad, eh???

I survived the Firestorm of 82 in the Msn Network.
I survived WORKING in the SO withOUT BEING in the SO.
I survived LA D; Jens and Jeannie and beyond; 10 plus years there.
I survived Mgmt's plans on bldg purchases and renos to make another 'ideal' org.

My parental times?
Boxcars of stuffed 'can't deal with it now', gotta be on post...

ahhhhhhhhhhh, whatever.

More to follow, if yaz are so inclined to view...